Murshid Tansen O'Donohoe

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Tansen was born in Cheshire, England in 1950.  Professionally for many years he was a librarian in the university sector.  His first excursion into eastern spirituality was his early 20's through the book Zen Flesh Zen Bones, a strange coincidence perhaps.  A few years later the practice of Kung Fu ironically led him to the path of Yoga, one that he walked and taught for some years especially exploring Hatha Yoga, Nada Yoga, Mantra Yoga and meditation practices.

In 1987, Tansen first experienced the Dances of Universal Peace which was literally a life changing experience.  A few months following this he met his spiritual guide, Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz, who him initiated into Sufism in May 1989.  So began his journey along the Sufi path.  Because of his love for music naturally Tansen was drawn to the mysticism of sound and music but equally his path has always involved the study of breath and the development of heart.  He is forever grateful to Saadi for his inspiration, loving support, spiritual guidance and close friendship.

In 1992, Tansen left the library to concentrate entirely on spreading the spirit of the dances and through this the message of Sufism.  He is acknowledged as a master of spiritual dance and is a senior mentor for the dances.  He has released several musical recordings: The House of Tansen, Dharma and The Medicine Buddha Dharani.

 In 1996, Tansen was recognized as a teacher of Sufism within the Ruhaniat and initiated as a Khalif in 2002.  In 2011, he was initiated as a Murshid and in this capacity he is now of service and therefore reflecting on the statement of Murshid Samuel Lewis: It is as Khalif that man fulfills his purpose on earth.  Murshid is the fulfillment not of man’s purpose but of God’s purpose.

Tansen lives in Dorset with his wife Basira and continues to travel extensively sharing the Sufi Message in the UK and internationally. 

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