Murshida Asha Greer

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Asha is a lifelong student of the human condition.  She is often intoxicated with awe, fascination, or bafflement about the nature of reality.  Her "her-story" includes a lifelong interest in comparative religion and its influence on the brain, thought, and behavior.  She was a co-founder of the Lama Foundation, an ecumenical spiritual community which has been thriving for nearly 50 years in the mountains of New Mexico.

She raised four daughters, and has spent years as a school teacher, a school principal, and a hospital nurse.  She is a practicing artist and has created a deck of meditation cards from paintings she has done, as well as a book illustrating each day of a forty day retreat; see Asha's Art.  She is a practitioner of the Japanese Tea Ceremony and hosts solitary retreats in her tea house in Virginia.  Her nature is optimistic and hopeful though she sees these as states rather than beliefs in a positive future.  "I do not know" is her position about dogma, fairness, and reward and punishment during and after life, although she feels 99% sure that there is Consciousness everywhere out of which everything emanates.  Tuning into it is among her favorite pastimes.  Her teaching focuses on awakening to the awesome nature of Reality both inside and out and through the process integrating the inner and outer life.  For Asha's teaching schedule, journal, art work, and more, visit her web site at