Murshida Fatima Lassar

Fatima LassarPetaluma, CA

Fatima met Samuel Lewis in February 1967 at the age of 20 and received bayat the next month.  For the next four years, until his death January 15, 1971, a portion of 5 days per week were spent in his presence.  Learning, studying, practicing, eating, dancing, walking, working, observing, playing, and living with him filled this intense period of her life which did not end with his death.  It all continued seamlessly with various students assuming the roles he had given them.  She lived in Sufi community houses for 20 years.

Fatima’s concentration had been visual art from the age of nine.  She has created some form of art daily for over 50 years.

Using the visual as a spiritual practice has been a life concentration.  Based on the ideas of Hazrat Inayat Khan in “Art Yesterday and Tomorrow” Vol X of the Sufi Message, she has developed many practices and exercises for all levels from beginners to advanced.

Learning with Samuel Lewis was filled with laughter and fun.  She has created several Bingo games and a Sufi version of Scatagories which can be played with large or small groups.  The Bingo editions include the 99 Names of Allah, Dances of Universal Peace phrases, and a SAM facts, trivia and teachings (separate adult and children’s versions).  She brings these games to centers when invited.