Murshida Sophia Gita Onnen

Berlin, Germany     Website

Sophia Gita is a senior teacher in the Ruhaniat.  She was born in Germany and now lives in Berlin with her partner and five other Sufi friends in the Sufi Khankah Pankow.  For a long time she worked as a Gestalt psychotherapist, subsequent to teaching art in school.  During this time, she also raised her daughter Tanja.

In 1989 she met her Sufi-teachers Murshid Saadi, Murshida Kamae and Murshid Saul, which changed her life completely.  Their presence and teachings—like the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus, the Dances of Universal Peace, the spiritual Walks, the Healing ritual and healing work, practices of breath, divine names and Sufi zikr--resonated deeply in her being.

Meeting with Pir Moineddin inspired her deeply and still does, also through his book: "A Gift of Life", she walks in his footsteps with the Sufi SoulWork, which is a source of healing for people.  Murshida Mariam and Murshid Saadi are her teachers.

His saying is her model:
"I am not Murshid; we are Murshid. I do not have all the answers;
we may have the answers."

Since that time she has followed the Sufi path in the footsteps of Murshid SAM, Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Moineddin, also inspired by other living Ruhaniat teachers as well as by Life as the greatest teacher.

Gita Sophia is the co-founder of the NdL (German speaking network of the Dances) and still supports this community. As part of this, for the past twelve years she has provided Dance training programs together with Sufi friends and teaches in West and East European countries. She has served this work in Bosnia since 1996, bringing the Dances and healing work to women traumatized by the war along with their professional helpers. Her Bosnian Sufi mureeds and mentees continue this work and also bring the dances to schoolteachers.

Her great love is the Aramaic work of Jesus, which has been an opening for her. For the past three years she has served as the director of the Ruhaniat European Summerschool in Germany (  As a Dance Mentor, initiator in the Dervish Healing Order and spiritual guide, she travels with many human beings on the path of love, harmony and beauty, for inner and outer peace.

Visit Gita's web site (in German language) for a schedule of current offerings.