SRI Privacy Policy

SRI seeks to protect and preserve the privacy of all of its members. SRI collects personal information about its members for administrative purposes and to enable SRI to communicate with its members regarding relevant issues and activities. Collection of information can be both explicit (for example: volunteering personal information for the membership database) and implicit (for example: tracking of email sent from SRI or SRI web site usage).

SRI does not provide this information to other organizations or to non-administrative individuals within SRI except as may be required by law or to act under exigent circumstances to protect the personal safety of its members or the public.

Some Tangible Implications of this Policy:

  • SRI will not sell its mailing lists or share them with any other groups or organizations.
    • To help reinforce this principle, communication with SRI members will typically be from a well-recognized member of SRI or a communication address that is easily recognizable as representing SRI.
    • SRI will favor communication mechanisms and operational procedures that allow appropriate use of the information without proliferating copies of the information.
    • SRI may at times send messages to its membership on behalf of other groups. These messages may offer individuals the opportunity to affiliate with these other groups directly and receive future communication from them directly.  These messages, where possible, should be explicit about the SRI relationship (e.g. “On behalf of the Ruhaniat…”).  This is to avoid creating the mis-impression that the list has been disclosed.
  • The fact that an individual is a member or initiate of the Ruhaniat will not be disclosed publicly unless that individual so chooses (typically in relation to an individual taking on a role that is intrinsically public.)
  • Individuals at SRI events that do not wish to be part of published photos, videos, or recordings may ask the event coordinators to be excluded whereupon good faith efforts to that effect will be made.  Regardless, individuals may ask SRI to remove from SRI publications or websites  any photo, video, or recording that identifies them personally.
  • Any individual that works with private information on behalf of SRI, with SRI’s approval, is acting in an administrative role, and thus, will be informed of, and bound by, this privacy policy.