This CD follows the way of the traveler through the peaks and valleys of the spiritual path. Through the ages, mystics in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions have described the stages of this journey in metaphor, poetry, story and song.


Bridge finds its place in this long tradition of journeying. It follows the modern pilgrim's progress€ as a seeker, dervish, or spiritual nomad confronts the desire for guidance, meaning, love, and purpose while simultaneously meeting the challenges of life€™s natural confusion, grief, and loss. Bridge is not organized by spiritual prayers or texts, but rather by the process of life. Most of the phrases used come from the sayings of Jesus in the Aramaic language, which I have previously translated, supplemented by traditions of the Sufis and Jewish mystics.

It was a blessing and a joy to collaborate again with Abraham and Halima Sussman, as well as the team of musicians who joined us, several of whom contributed to our previous recording Beginnings. Without Abraham, the project would not have got off the ground, nor followed its way to such a graceful and beautiful fulfillment. May we continue to travel further together, walking the bridge, passing through and beyond who we think we are.