Remembrance by Hollister, Judith

The Temple of Understanding
March 17, 1976

Dear Sabira -

How nice of you to write about our dear friend Sam, and I wish I had a lot of information for you.

Our main point of contact was by letter, as you have already discerned, and his letters to me were always full of wit and wisdom.

We met only once, in 1970 in Geneva when the Temple of Understanding held its second Spiritual Summit Conference.

At that time, due to the business of the event, we didn't have much of a chance to visit. When we did, it was a twinkle and a laugh, across a crowded room, at some of the more ponderous speeches. We had a sort of inner sharing, mainly full of laughter at life, and its essential element of joy.

I loved him, and I believe he loved me, and intuitively we knew each other well.

This doesn't seem too helpful, but it's about all I can come up with. If I think of more I'll let you know, and would love to see you if you like, but don't think I have much more to contribute. Do let me know how the biography progresses, as I do care.

In His Service

Judith Hollister