Remembrance by Novello, Frank

Interview with Frank Novello: Murshid's grocer at Farmer's Market Annex 6/1/76

Sam Lewis came into the store in 1968. My first impression was he looked like Moses, only a little shorter. He was casually dressed, was a plain man.

He was a good man, and the young people adored him. In Novato he used to have dinner parties for his disciples, and he would come in and buy $75 to $100 worth of good and then would set a big table on the weekend there.

He was always jolly and happy. All the money in the world didn't mean much to him. He'd say that if you had friends it is better than having a million dollars.

He loved to travel and would sometimes tell me about them. One story I remember was the one that occurred in Arizona when Sam was feeding a bunch of people and the sheriffs came in. He ended up feeding them! I only heard about his death when it was all over.