Remembrance by Robinson, Lois

Feb 9, 1976

Dear Sabira:

I first met Sam Lewis approximately eight or nine years ago when I was doing ESP counseling work with some of his disciples. Over and over again I heard these young people speak of “Murshid” and it was obvious that he was deeply loved by them as a spiritual teacher.

One day my telephone rang and one of his disciples said three people wanted an appointment with me for the same afternoon and one of them was Murshid. I was hard pressed to understand why this well known teacher would want to see me professionally. The day arrived and I was most surprised to meet a short, smiling gentleman with twinkling eyes who in no way resembled the picture I had of a spiritual teacher. I enjoyed meeting him, in part because he seemed to be such a jolly, friendly person—easy to talk to in every way. All three people seemed pleased with their readings and combining business with pleasure that afternoon was very pleasant for me. Later I felt Murshid’s purpose in coming to my home was to check me out and see if he thought I was a suitable person for his disciples to consult on occasion. Apparently he was satisfied because after that numerous disciples of his called me for appointments, stating that Murshid approved of their doing so. I was aware of his protective feelings toward them, and to me he seemed to be a spiritual father—almost a mother as well.

Not long afterward I gave a talk on reincarnation to some young people living in a large commune in Novato, all of them Murshid’s disciples, all of them devoted to their spiritual guide in every way. The following day I was invited to dinner at Murshid’s home where he lived with five or six young persons. It was a pleasant afternoon, and I was impressed by the feeling of love and comradeship in that home.

From time to time over a period of some three years I saw Murshid again. Once I spent an evening at 410 Precita Avenue, S.F. watching him as he instructed some 15 or more young people in Sufi dances. Now he had a beard and was wearing a long robe, so that his appearance was less that of the ordinary man on the street. I realized that he and I had one major thing in common and that was a very strong desire for peace and love between persons. Therefore although I was unacquainted really with the Sufi order, I knew his work in no way conflicted with my own.

Another time I was speaking on the subject of reincarnation again, at the Metaphysical Library in S.F. There were only a handful of persons present, when all of a sudden Murshid walked in with some 18 or 20 disciples, beaming from ear to ear. He spoke to me privately saying “you see I brought my young people.” So I knew he’d come to help all of us and I appreciated his help very much.

When I later learned that the events leading up to his transition had been very painful for Murshid I felt sorry that this had to be. To me he was a lovely man who had taken large numbers of young people under his wing and given them guidance and direction for their lives.

Lois Robinson