Remembrance by Seo, Kyung Bo

Master Dr. Kyung-Bo Seo

Seodaemun-Ku, Bul Kwang Dong 17-301

Seoul, Korea

(Chon Gan Sa temple)


April 25, 1976


My dear Sabira Scott!

Thank you very much for your kindest letter indeed!

It is very kind of you that you are going to write about He Kwang Zen master's history. I will try write about him, but my writing in English is not so easy, so I will write it later and send it to you!

I always think of him very much. He asked me about Avatamsaka Sutra many times, and I teach him patriarch Zen, he understand them and received Inka from me. I gave him Zen Master name. I made him my disciple of Zen World in USA. Only Sam he understood it, nobody knows it at all.

I gave him the traditional Zen lines of mine. I gave him robes and the important Zen stick and told him about Korean Zen which combined Zen and Kyo. These are between I and his relationship in Zen teaching.

Thank you again for your kindness and help.

Ven. Dr. Kyung-Bo


(I will see you August '76)