Remembrance by Shahaida

Feb 25 1977


Dear Wall Ali...

For the ongoing work on S.A.M there's only once story I can remember that we didn’t put in In The Garden, so for what it's worth:

Asha & I went to the airport in Albuquerque to pick up Murshid. The only clue we had as to his appearance was that Mansur has said he didn’t look the way you’d think he would. I pulled up outside the doors and waited in the car while Asha went in to find this person; a few minutes later the car door opened and the space was filled with hairy beard, energy, and smile. Before I could think, Murshid blasted me with: "I have a whole lot of questions and they’re no wrong answers, whaddaya think of that?"

hope all is well.


Noura (Shahaida)