The Diaries of Murshid Samuel L. Lewis

The writings Murshid S.A.M. characterized as "Diary" were those that he felt would best record the significant events of his life during those years. These writings are indeed a rich source of information about Murshid’s life, how he lived it and who he really was as person.

Here you will find details of his travels and the many people he met. For instance in 1956 he travelled to Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Pakistan, India and England. In late 1960 he went to Egypt moving on from there in March 1961 to Pakistan where resided for some months. In 1962 he travelled from Pakistan to India.

The diaries reflect his relationships with friends and his diverse views on a multitude of subjects including peace, religion, spirituality, politics, horticulture, his poetry, his spiritual teachers and the Dances of Universal Peace. His final trip out of the USA was in 1970 when he participated in the Congress of the World’s Religions hosted by Temple of Understanding in Geneva and he also revisited England.

Many of the Diary entries were sent to individuals as letters and so also appear in the correspondence section.