The Drive


It was a long, quiet ride home with you

Full of unspoken ease and acceptance,

and you were aglow, as usual.

Even when I couldn’t catch a glance your way,

I could feel it

And remember the completeness of our round cheeks touching.


At times, I’d sense a nod in the darkness...

that receiving of a buoyant moment

in a shared sphere of splendid savor.

At other times, I felt you nodding off

Into that sweet emptiness

that surrender allows.

And then, the barely audible sigh

Suspended on the timeless black sky.


I know you will entangle with other’s dark wanton limbs

and meet them at their zenith.

Just having this succulent ride with you is enough.

May we meet again, when the sky is open and the night is long,

In this deep dark ocean of acceptance, dear Moon.