Download Instructions for Murshid Wali Ali's Classes:

A class may offer one or more "zip" files, that contain mp3 audio tracks from the associated class, and/or pdf files for any related documents.  Most current web browsers will allow you to download any of the zip files by just clicking on the file name and selecting "save." You may be able to right-click on the name and select the appropriate response for your browser.  Save the zip file to the location of your choice on your computer.

Most operating systems will "unzip" (decompress) the files automatically when you open them and copy and paste the contents somewhere outside of the zip file.  Or, you may again "right click" (or left click if you are using a left-handed mouse!) on the downloaded .zip file name, and select the option for expanding or "extracting" the files. It is helpful to save the files for each class in their own folder or sub-directory.The extracted mp3 files may be imported into iTunes or Windows Media Player, and either played directly, synced to an mp3 device or burned to an audio CD using the appropriate software.  The pdf files may be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free at

See the Murshid Wali Ali Meyer Web Files pdf document for more information about the file formats and download hints.

(Click the "back" arrow on your browser to return to the Materials download screen).

Please email Wali Ali's website manager Ali Charles at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you need further assistance.

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