a deeper exploration of the 99 Beautiful Names of God

A series of 4 day-long classes with Murshid Wali Ali Meyer and Imam Bilal Hyde.

— COME!  Taste the elixir that has been distilled!


Course Description

Image from the Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
These classes offer some fruits from the WAZIFA PROJECT - a forum where, for several years, Faisal Muqaddam, Pir Shabda, Imam Bilal and Murshid Wali Ali have met in rich dialog, unfolding the mystical and psychological properties of the Divine Attributes of the Nature of God in manifestation.

Each of the four days of classes is comprised of approximately six hours of audio recordings in three two-hour segments, each providing an educational and enlightening experience to the listener in its own unique way.

Through these recordings, one has the opportunity to experience and learn further about the Divine Names of Love in the classes that include prayer and wazifa practice, teachings and commentary, walks and dances, zikr, stories and readings, and question and answer sessions.

Recorded through the service of Huzur Coughlin and available for download, are over 22 hours of presentations and practices from these two enlightening teachers.

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