Deciphering the Sound Code of the 99 Beautiful Names of God

Two Day-long classes with
Murshid Wali Ali Meyer and Imam Bilal Hyde


Course Description

Deciphering the Sound Code
The wisdom of the ancients may be found in certain languages stemming from earlier times, in which the meaning, beyond the conceptual definition, is carried in the actual sound produced in voicing the words...the sound code.

Each of the two days of classes is comprised of over six hours of audio recordings in three two- to three-hour segments, each providing an educational and enlightening experience to the listener in its own unique way.

The classes move from walking practices and dances to oral teachings and back again. The tracking will allow you to listen to the class at your own pace, and return to portions that you would like to revisit.

The afternoon classes in particular often include stretches of silence for meditation and contemplation, or for the fikr of a practice. It is recommended to choose to listen to the afternoon component when you can fully enter the space that is created. However, you have the option to forward your player to the next track at any time.

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