Exploring the Beautiful Names through the Divine Opposites

A journey into Balance and Transcendence
with Murshid Wali Ali and Imam Bilal

Course Description

Divine Opposites
All the Divine Names, in truth, exist as relationships within Allah. It is basic to their very nature to be engaged in relationships. Therefore, we find it illuminating to delve into the divine qualities’ inherent relationships with each other as a way to uncover more of their meanings. Such discussions of the depths of meaning within each divine Name and family of Names, may ultimately lead us in a direction that deepens our realization of God.

Each of the three days of classes is comprised of over six hours of audio recordings in three two- to three-hour segments, each providing an educational and enlightening experience to the listener in its own unique way.

The classes move from walking practices and dances to oral teachings and back again. The tracking will allow you to listen to the class at your own pace, and return to portions that you would like to revisit.

The morning class was primarily taught by Imam Bilal, the afternoon was led by Murshid Wali Ali, and both teachers joined together in the evening.

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