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Following is a list of videos taken at Murshid Wali Ali's Dharma Night Classes in 2012.

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Dharma Night and Pir Moineddin's Urs Celebration, 2/28/2012:

The Walk of Papa Ramdas (2:34)
Reading from SAM's Diary of 2/20/68 (19:04)
Ramnam Greeting Dance (8:54)

Dharma Night at the Mentorgarden, 4/24/2012:

Nembutsu Dance (9:18)*

Dharma Night at the Mentorgarden, 6/26/2012:

Reading from SAM's Poetry in Siva! Siva! / Crescent and Heart (17:34)
Planetary Spins Instruction, Part I (39:22)

Dharma Night at the Mentorgarden, 7/24/2012:

Planetary Spins Instruction, Part II (30:12)

Dharma Night at the Mentorgarden, 10/23/2012:

Planetary Spins Instruction, Part III  (35:34)

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