Dharma Night at the Mentorgarden with Murshid Wali Ali Meyer

Class Recordings for April 24, 2012.


The Nembutsu Dance is also available on video.  Click the link below to view the video.
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Nembutsu Dance (9:18)

Click here to download the complete audio Album in a zip file.

01-Zen Walking Practice.mp3
02-Three Refuges Chant.mp3
03-Nembutsu Dance.mp3
04-Reading From Shin Buddhism.mp3
05-Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra Chant.mp3
06-Zen Meditation Counting Breaths.mp3
07-Senzaki Commentary on Koan - Intro.mp3
08-Case 36.mp3
09-Q-Rebirth in this Life.mp3
10-Q-Concepts vs Experiences.mp3
11-Q-Shocks of Life.mp3
12-Tranquilization Mantra.mp3
13-May All Beings Be Well.mp3
14-Hope Project.mp3

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