6. There is One Family, the human family, which unites the children of earth indiscriminately in the heart of God.

The Sufi understands that the one life emanating from the inner Being is manifested on the surface as the life of variety; and in this world of variety humankind is the finest manifestation, who can realize in evolution the oneness of the inner being, even in the external existence of variety. But a person evolves to this ideal, which is the only purpose of one’s coming on earth, by uniting oneself with another.

A person unites with others in the family tie, which is the first step in one’s evolution; and yet families in the past have fought with each other, and have taken vengeance upon one another for generations, each considering their cause to be the only true and righteous one. Today one shows one’s evolution in uniting with one’s neighbors and fellow-citizens, and even developing within oneself the spirit of patriotism for one’s nation. Human beings are greater in this respect than those in the past; and yet people so united nationally have caused the catastrophe of the modern wars, which will be regarded by the coming generations in the same light in which we now regard the family feuds of the past.

There are racial bonds which widen the circle of unity still more, but it has always happened that one race has looked down on the other.

The religious bond shows a still higher ideal. But it has caused diverse sects, which have opposed and despised each other for thousands of years, and have caused endless splits and divisions among humanity. The germ of separation exists even in such a wide scope for family, and however widespread the family may be, it cannot be a perfect one as long as it separates person from person.

The Sufis, realizing this, free themselves from national, racial, and religious boundaries, uniting themselves in the human family, which is devoid of the differences and distinctions of class, caste, creed, race, nation, or religion, and unites humankind in the universal family.


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