8. There is One Object of Praise, the beauty which uplifts the heart of its worshippers through all aspects from the seen to the unseen.

It is said in the Hadith, 'God is beautiful and loves beauty.'

This expresses the truth that the human, who inherits the Spirit of God, has beauty within and loves beauty, although that which is beautiful to one is not beautiful to another. One cultivates the sense of beauty as one evolves, and prefers the higher aspect of beauty to the lower. But when one has observed the highest vision of beauty in the Unseen by a gradual evolution from praising the beauty in the seen world, then the entire existence becomes one single vision of beauty.

People have worshiped God, beholding the beauty of sun, moon, stars, and planets. They have worshipped God in plants, in animals. They have recognized God in the beautiful merits of humans, and they have with their perfect view of beauty found the source of all beauty in the Unseen, from whence all this springs, and in Whom all is merged.

The Sufi, realizing this, worships beauty in all its aspects, and sees the face of the Beloved in all that is seen and the Beloved's spirit in the Unseen. So wherever the Sufi looks the ideal of worship is before her/him. 'Everywhere I look, I see Thy winning face; everywhere I go, I arrive at Thy dwelling-place.'

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