Special Events at Khankah S.A.M.

IMG 6879At Khankah S.A.M. we often celebrate various holidays with our larger Sufi community. We host special events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Passover, July 4th, and other holiday celebrations, in a pot-luck format. These events are by invitation only, and there is often a waiting list for attendance. Inquiries can be made with our Event Coordinator.

.... and at the Mentorgarten
The meeting room at the Mentorgarten, where the Dances of Universal Peace were first created, is used for a variety of classes and programs. The schedule may be seen on the calendar. In addition, we welcome others from our larger family who embrace the message of universal Sufism to inquire about using this room for their offerings. Occasionally events are best suited to meet in the Norwich Street compound. Arrangements for either space may include meals at 65 Norwich Street.  Details, rates and such arrangements may be discussed with the Event Coordinator. 

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 Maria Lalla Ache' and Pir Shabda Kahn at Passover 2014