New Edition of The Bowl of Saki Commentary

bowl-2012-coverThe long awaited "THE BOWL OF SAKI COMMENTARY"  is now available for purchase from the Sufi Ruhaniat Bookstore - Self & Soul Center in an elegant new edition. This beautiful volume is filled with the wisdom of two great Sufi masters Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis.  Newly edited and updated, this is a perfect addition to your Sufi library and to give as a gift.

An electronic version will also be available soon for your computer, e-readers. tablets and phones.  Watch this web site for the announcement when it becomes available.

MURSHID WALI ALI MEYER WRITES: At first approach [The Bowl of Saki Commentary]  may serve as a daily oracle, but when viewed as a whole it reveals itself as a bountiful source of practical guidance for all aspects of our inner and outer life. This edition is beautifully designed and conscientiously edited. It would grace any home.

... AND FROM PROF. STEPHANIE NURIA SABATO: The Bowl of Saki is a divine message from above of perennial, timeless, and poetical expression. The height, breadth, and depth of the message within The Bowl of Saki touch the very heart of our humanity. Its language in an intricate pattern or exquisitely interwoven expressions and revelations that have the capacity to instill awe, wonder, and nourishment on the unfolding path leading to a greater spiritual awakening in everyday life. All this has been contemplated in the selection of the design elements for this special text.

The cover photo is a fragment of the dome of the largest mosque in Europe, found in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The domed mosaic is intended to express an intricacy of interconnectedness; both overarching and enveloping, while reaching out to touch the reader. It is an invitation to enter the sacred space.

The lettering styles on the cover were selected to give a sense of the book’s contents that are both intimately personal, like a daily diary, while also containing ancient wisdom and knowledge. Likewise the lettering styles on the interior design were selected to give the reader a sense of an undulating and rhythmic flow between the original quotes by Hazrat Inayat Khan, and the illuminating commentaries by Murshid Samuel L. Lewis.

Being invited to participate in the presentation of this text has been a sacred journey and a great, entrusted privilege. I echo the acknowledgements and gratitude expressed in the Introduction text of the book. May all beings be graced with encouragement, illumination, and filled with understanding, contentment, equanimity, peace, and joy.

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