Murshid Samuel Lewis' Correspondence

Murshid Samuel Lewis was a prolific correspondent.  He corresponded with a wide variety of individuals, organizations, government agencies, and more.  We are blessed to have much of this correspondence within this archive.  In respect to the privacy of the various correspondents, this portion of the archive is restricted to "mureeds" (initiated students) within the Ruhaniat.  Please log in with the appropriate credentials to access these materials.  After you have done that, you will find these materials on the "More" menu item.  For others, with legitimate research needs, access to these documents can be obtained by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The following is a list of the various individuals and organizations we have correspondence with in the archive:


Shamseddin Ahmed

Barkat Ali

Peg Allmond

Reza Arasteh

William Arlock

Gavin Arthur

Jack Austin

Leonard Austin

Archie Bahm

Walt Baptiste

WD Begg

Shamcher Bryn Beorse

Phillip Burton

Herb Caen

Ramona Carillo

Gina Cerminara

Robert Stuart - Sumangalo Clifton

John S Cooper

Lowell Ditzen

Ivy Duce

Engle Family

Jeremy Ets Hokin

Vocha Fiske

Rev Cecil Gibbings

Viola Harris

Rev John Haughey

Prynce Hopkins

Art Hoppe

Jill and Clive Hull

Saadia Khawar Khan

Vilayat Khan

Marion (Tsil Tsil) Latvala

TD Lingo

Rabia Martin

Fred Mass

Father Masson

Norman McGhee

Julie Medlock

Misc Letters to Individuals

Lloyd Morain

James Mundstock

Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Prof Jacob Needleman

Jim and Diane Pike

Leonora Ponti

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Betty Reeve

Fred and Corinne Reinhold

Oliver Reiser


Paul Reps

Rudolph Schaeffer

Kyung Bo Seo

Huston Smith

David Stern

Sri Premanand Trikkannad

Vera Voris

Eugene Wagner

Alan Watts

Donald Wilbur

Willie Wise

Dale Wolfle


American Council on the Middle East

American Friends of the Middle East

American Society for Eastern Art


Aquarian Arcane College

Asia Foundation


Buddhist Fellowship


Buddhists International

California Public Officials

Center Letter, The

Churches and Synagogues

Cultural Integration Fellowship

East West Center

Fellowship of Religious Harmony

Gandalfs Garden

General Semantics


India Local Consul


Lama Foundation

Meher Baba People

Misc Letters to Organizations

Muslims USA

Organic Gardening


Public Officials US

Publishers and Publications

Royal Asiatic Society

San Francisco Chronicle

Studies in Comparative Religion

Sufis Ceylon

Sufis Europe

Sufis USA

Temple of Understanding


UN Association of San Francisco


University of California

Wells Fargo Bank

World Congress of Faiths

World Union, Bay Area Center

World Union, International Centre

His Mureeds

 Work in Progress