The Blessed Messiah Jesus Speaketh


Murshid Samuel L. Lewis

(Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti)


 Editors Note: This document is presumed to be an earlier version of Chapter V in the paper "Nada Brahma".

The Blessed Messiah Jesus Speaketh:

Every Jew is my brother and when you spit on one, I am defiled. Behind every ghetto wall will you find me, and clothed in every gabardine. I hide in the hearts of my own people, though they reject me, and farther am I from those who hate my blood-brethren. In every suffering soul, I lurk and I walk in the shadow of every beaten slave.

My true followers cease not from earthly marriage when they have witnessed their beloved in Heaven also, but he that seeks the church for his bride, let him willingly be a martyr. Knowing I would be crucified, how could I bring any women to widowhood. God is Mercy and Love and Kindness.

Although it was necessary for me to be crucified in symbol or in fact, look not upon Golgotha as an especial event. My crucifixion began when my mother conceived me, nor has it ended to this day. So long as my followers play me false, committing sin, I am betrayed anew and kept upon the cross.

If I were to return to earth, then would man select new forms for torturing me. Yet I am hidden in every heart. As the single change of the letter H turns earth to heart, so a single change in the heart of man, removing the denseness of earth, brings me to manifestation.

Seek me not in the mansions of the wealthy or in the palace of contentment; neither look for me in the seats of the mighty or robed in ermine and silk. In every prison and alms-house I abide, and in the homes of orphans and in factories where men and women and children are ground down in sweat. The blood of wretches is turned into coin for churches where I may never enter; how can I pray therein when little ones are starving around the corner?

Until man has received his lowest fellow as a brother, he cannot partake of my communion.

There are neither high nor low nor rich nor poor in God. In every house of worship one finds a different ruling; how can they be houses of God which divide man from man?

During the Crusades my brother Mohammed and I communed together. When a Paynim fell was I stabbed, and when a Nazarene was pierced my brother writhed in agony; but in your recent wars when Christian murdered Christian I suffered most since I was born.

For every human fault I may be blamed, and for every kindness through my influence someone seeks approbation for himself.

I come back to earth as each babe is born, but rise to heaven again when parents fail in their duty.

The whole world would I rescue from Purgatory, but this can be done only by remaining there myself. When mankind turns against me, even Purgatory is denied and I fall into the pit.

Every good deed is a perfume which intoxicates me to sleep in the bosom of my Father. I suffer from man’s evil, but I share his happiness in every instance.

If I removed the veil and man could see me where I stand, the devil would be unchained. Until man glorifies my Father, he is not worthy to behold mysteries.

I offer you my gifts, yet you prefer worthless bauble and persecute those pilgrims who have crossed my threshold.

I may condemn you and chastise you, but when I behold my Father’s glorious visage, all are forgiven. In that glorious moment, how can I hold a single evil thought of my brothers and my sisters who are one with me, and with whom I am one.

Though they chastise me with a million blows, yet shall I return a billion billion kindnesses, for I walk in the Light and give thanks for the Light, while these poor erring ones are stumbling in the darkness. How can one blame a traveler walking in the darkness for stumbling when he bears no lighted candle.

Cease to worship me and join me in walking in the Light shining from our Father’s palace.

God created the whole universe out of Light, and all is Light, but children watching reflections in the water are unaware of the glorious lumen brightening the heavens.

Every sign of love brings me rejoicing. A single kindly heart is sufficient to repay the pain caused by a million souls.

How can one condemn a stranger for knowing not the laws! Man is a stranger to the earth coming from the heavens, so even for his vilest acts he is not totally condemned. But when he is warned, and heeds not the warning to repent, either he or I suffer, or both together.

Suffer with me willingly and you shall be glorified with me, God willing.

My true disciple is he who would be with me whether in sorrow or in joy. When that bond is completed, we rise together to the Heaven of Heavens.

My own faithful disciples made it possible for me to rise and sit on the right hand of my Father in Paradise.

So long as I have a single faithful follower on earth, hope will remain for every man’s salvation.

They are not rich who repeat their faults anew; rich is he who learns from his mistakes and richest who learns also from the short-comings of others.

Poor are they who with all their knowledge seek not wisdom.

Blessed is he who has learned that he cannot learn save from Life Itself, and what is Life but my Father manifesting in multiform mysterious ways?

I come to remind you again and again that even the Universe was created because of Love. Until you love, all lessons are in vain, and when you truly love, all else comes of itself.

The sweetest incense to my nostrils is that which blooms from your deeds of loving-kindness, one to another. Love ye one another and I shall need neither prayers nor supplications to prove your love. Until you see me in every form, how can you hold me divine?

The one who understands me knows my teachings have no interpretation because they have every interpretation.

To limit the meanings of my words is to limit God.

I came to bring back light unto the strayed sheep of Israel. In my desire to save this flock, I permitted others to wander from the wayside. Had it not been for my Father’s Mercy, all humanity would have destroyed itself through its wickedness.

Man was not condemned because Adam sinned; man has been condemned for continually repeating Adam’s sin.

If you would understand my teachings, read the Torah of my Master Moses; if all is not then clear reread those Holy Writings. Nothing new brought I, but came to restore the spiritual instructions which my forefathers had given to my people.

Who sees difference betwixt Christian and Jew separates God from God and gives Satan power and authority which rightly belongs not to him.

God is that which unites man to man, and Satan is that which divides man from man. Therefore God is love and Satan is self-praise.

I overcame Satan by sacrificing all praise to God to Whom it rightly belongs.

I became one with my Father by becoming nothing with myself. The drop, be it even a cloud, falling into the ocean becomes the ocean itself.

I am all there is, even my own Father, for the existence in shadow and sunbeam alike is the sun itself. Only the sun is and only my Father is.

I was born in a manger holding not a single article, and I am reborn in hearts and minds, holding not a single other thought.

Dust keeps out the light, veils prevent our seeing, and a single thought of self shuts the door on the Lord. No man can serve two Masters, and he who holds another thought than of me, is not worthy of me. He shall never behold me though I come a myriad million times. But the humblest soul, purging self of self, will witness my coming as the Magi beheld the star.

I turned no water into wine; I restored through my Father’s kindness that pristine purity which man in his selfishness had tampered with.

Every babe is born a believer, but our doctrines lead it astray. Before its birth every infant have I taught, but every child is corrupted by those who love other that God.

Let him who would refrain from meat, throw away the lions and tigers ravaging his heart and the wolves and foxes roving in his mind.

He that sins with the body is wicked but he that sins in his heart is accursed.

I came to free men from misery and my teachings served to forge new links in the chains of slavery.

The dawn of brotherhood will appear when we cease to gossip about our neighbors.

If you would be my priest, you may surrender the things of this world, but you must surrender the things of that world, for therein all belongs to God. If His Will does not preponderate in the Heavens, how can it manifest upon earth?

So long as it is claimed I have enemies, how can I be declared Divine? God has no enemies.

Every time my so-called followers wrong others, whether of their own faith or another, am I crucified anew.

Cease from wrangling over my nature and come to me where I am.

Did I come to earth once? My sainted mother revealed me to man in the flesh, only to see me crucified. Now she reveals me only to those few who seek me and find me in the spirit and will not torment me anew. How could mother’s heart act otherwise?

Your faith will never be the world’s religion, but not a word did I speak but that shall be fulfilled.

If the Truth be told no man ever made a more dismal failure than I, neither to win the Hebrews to acknowledge me as Messiah nor the Gentiles to obey my spoken commandments. In all things did I fail save in the constant remembrance of my Heavenly Father.

In remembrance of my Father is success, but all the profits of this world elsewise avail you naught.

Who calls me leader and follows not in my footsteps is a fool; who would give me honors and disobeys my injunctions digs his own place in Hell; but he who mentions my name in prayer and thinks no more about it is doubly damned.

Give me honest pagans, O Lord, for Christians who make a show of devotion.

So long as Trinitarian and Unitarian dispute I return not to earth. The sword shall be an emblem of peace and the dove a symbol of hostility.

Look not for another Savior, but follow my dictates and you shall be delivered.

No man is healer who is imperfect in body, mind and heart, and none whom God has created is perfect in body, mind and heart. Only God is perfect, and He alone is Healer.

By the power of my breath, properly attuned to the forces of the Cosmos was I enabled to still the waves and walk on the waters. By the power of your breath, with will surrendered and humble heart, walk over thy own tempestuous thoughts and come to my shores.

Stilling the waves, walking on the waters, healing the sick and cleansing the foul—all these could I do and more, but a single man completely converted to righteousness I was unable to find or make.

Righteousness grew as a flower when my blood moistened the earth, for it has been declared: only by sweating our own blood shall we be able to find righteousness.

It is for God to decree Justice and for us to advocate Mercy.

God is always Merciful; man, usurping the Lord’s authority, blames him for the miscarriage of Justice.

Compare my words and my acts before you decide upon my doctrine.

What does doctrine matter? Only when the Kingdom of God appears on earth will doctrine be understood.

I am ready to manifest to every man, and on the coming of dawn will my aurora brighten the sky. Look therefore for the Star of the Morning and cleanse the manger so I may be born anew; pray diligently to my Father and my Mother and purge your souls of wickedness and conceit.

My dawn is always at hand, ‘tis your limited vision which prevents your seeing me.

Since my last appearance on earth in a limited body where few could see me, have I been hovering over earth in an unlimited body where all might see me.

If you expect to see me in the form of man in the Heavens, see me in the form of man on earth, but if you expect to see my cosmic body in the Heavens, recognize me within every aspect of manifestation on earth.

Greater is he that seeing the star through the telescope recognizes his own limitation than one who through a million deeds of goodness expects salvation, for he compares himself to that beyond comparison.

Has the cell the attributes of the body, and do our corpuscles manifest perfection? Even less are we in God than they in us.

Every honor to man is dishonor to God, except man acteth in the name of the Lord. Blessed is he only who doeth in the name of the Lord.

True prayer is remembrance of God and sin is forgetfulness to God.

When I asked my Father for daily bread, did I proclaim a weekly gathering? He who puts any need before the Lord has placed himself outside the threshold of salvation.

I prayed to my Father unceasingly, but every one may do the same, making every breath a sacrifice and a praise to our Heavenly Parent. Even to pray becomes a sin which divided time into that for prayer and that not for prayer. Prayer is remembrance and abstinence is forgetfulness, which is sin.

With all my admonitions, I thank my Father that in a single instance all this can be wiped away, for as soon as man repents, all is forgiven, but seek ye not repentance other than that which the Lord doth bestow.

It is I who tarry till you come, I am the wandering Jew, and when you open your door to me, or walk into my quarters, I cease to tarry, and gather you to my Father’s bosom.