Care of the Body


Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty,
the Only Being, United with All the Illuminated Souls
Who Form the Embodiment of the Master, the Spirit of Guidance.

“The soul is the divine Breath; it purifies, revivifies and heals the instrument in which it functions.” The Soul, Whence and Whither? —108.

“Care of the Body, therefore, is the first most important principle of religion.”—73.

On page 76 of this book we read: “These centers become blocked by certain foods and by living a more materialistic life. These centers are located in certain places; and as there are some plants in the caves of the mountains where the sun does not reach and air does not touch, and it is difficult for the plants to live; and so are the centres of perception located in the physical body; the body is nourished by food, but these centres remain without any nourishment. The physical body which is made of matter, its substance is matter; but the centres of perception are of still finer matter; and though they are located in the physical body, no nourishment can reach them, except that which is drawn through the breath, the fine substance which is not even visible. In the language of the mystics, it is called “Nur” which means light. The body does not only want food, but also breath—in other words, vibration—and that vibration is given to it by the repetition of sacred words; the sounds, the vowels, and the composition of the sacred words is chemical, and it is this process which was called by the ancient philosophers, chemi or alchemia.

And, on page 8 we read: “There, has been the phenomenon of four elements; besides one which is the source and goal of all elements, Nur, the ether, making them five…. These elements have worked in consonance with one another; in order to bring about the results desired by the Divine Wisdom working behind them. In every Akasha or Asman they have been present more or less; one without the other did not exist; the four together brought the fifth. In this way the whole Manifestation has taken place through a gradual process of development.”

From this it would appear that all the planes in the universe and all bodies are made up of the elements. In the physical world the earth element predominates, in the others worlds, water, air, fire predominate until we reach the Absolute where all are resolved back into Nur. But there is this difference—on the earth-plane we take in solid food, water and air; as we evolve solid food and water in turn become unnecessary and there finally comes a time when even the breath has served its purpose, but this belongs to, the superphysical evolution of man.

The state of health on any plane is due to equilibrium. If we have too much fire, air, earth or water, there comes disequilibrium. This is called by too much food, by too emotional alive, by being too passionate or spending too much time in the mind, or going to any extreme. As soon as we have done that it is necessary to make an adjustment. For this purpose we are first going to assume that eating too much or something wrong has caused the trouble.

The first method of treatment would be the physical. We can use cathartics, or we can correct the diet. This has a seemingly beneficial effect but is not lasting. The nervous system has not been corrected. We then go and feed the nerves, but we find that this does not correct the habit, but habit belongs to the mind not the nerves.

This is an important point to note. It is quite possible to do temporary good to the body by treating through higher or more subtle bodies, through reaching the vital, psychic or mental bodies, but there is nothing to show that the instruments used are perfect. We can be much more sure that eating lettuce to restore the system will benefit than taking suggestion when we do not know if the mind of the suggester is in perfect health. We seem to disregard that disease is disequilibrium and adjustment is needed in all planes.

The adjustment through the elements cannot be arranged permanently by themselves alone. They are as four forces working on a plane, but there is a fifth force and this is vertical, the Nur, or ether, which functions through the breath. Every condition of body, emotion or mind is manifested through the breath. At the same time the Nur or ether is found not alone in the breath but is the source of all the other elements and is found in them.

[?] or breath or a fixed daily rhythm or whatever is done, its purpose is to allow the Nur or ether to manifest in the body. When all the centers have been reached, this force moves up the backbone, into the head and sometimes a good deal of overflow comes through the hands. This is the food which the spiritual healer uses.

There are psychics who seem to use the hands, but in them it is necessary to recharge the battery. The spiritual person, on the other hand, is a mirror through which light always flows. He is always giving off energy through his body, his limbs, his aura.

While every spiritually-developed person may not be a healer—for instance the force may be especially thrown into the mind if he is a philosopher, or a sage, or to the tongue (through the Thyroid) if he is to be a prophet, or to the heart, if he is to be a saint. But the force is there and can be used.

In the healing service the Mureeds come together and, as they have not individually developed, they can by concentration, by rhythm, by induction, develop the current which can do this work. The force so developed, whether in the advanced soul or in the group of mureeds, can be sent at will. Its vehicle is the ether itself.

The Nur and the Holy Spirit are one and the same.  The word Holy really means healing. The word “savior” which is “soter” in Greek meant one who could cure all diseases. The word “Christ” means one who has oil, and oil symbolizes healing power. It is soothing. Salvation means having health or safety—they are the same. Perfect health, and salvation are only possible when the Light of God, or Nur can manifest there.

But the Nur is present in all elements. We have already mentioned oil. Oils may in a certain respect be regarded as forms where there are both the water element and ether. We have oils for pains and cuts and soothing syrups, and oils which smooth the passages in the body and help to cleanse it. Even the grease which is put on swimmers has a certain amount of the etheric element. Generally the  sign is that those substances which are only slightly impervious to heat and electricity have the Nur in them, the preserving element, the manifestation of Vishnu, the Savior.

The secret of vitamins is the Nur in foods. We do not understand them; we know they exist and know that they disappear in certain processes, as sometimes in cooking, but they seem to have no chemical composition, although connected with very definite materials. Green vegetables receive the Nur thru the sunlight and through the air; root vegetables may receive the Nur through the water in the soil, or even from the earth element, but there is not so much Nur where sunlight is absent, so green vegetables contain more vitamins.

All treatments giving soothness or quieting may be regarded as treatments with Nur, whether it is the sunlight or artificial lamp, or certain colors, or certain shades. Whether it is rest, or soothing baths, or silence, or magnetism, all is spiritual.

Alcohol in medicines, stimulants, electricity, red light, noise, most sounds, have the opposite effects and while they may help for a short time, this is energy from the outside. Narcotics and sedatives are not spiritual; the use of them is like increasing the current in a wire by lessening the resistance instead of increasing the force, or like telling a person to get out of a buggy so it can go faster, instead of speeding up the horses.

Every blocking to our system through food, emotion, bad thought, any extreme, even the obstacles of life block the Nur. The purpose of spiritual development is to clear the road of obstacles or to give the force to overcome them. The practice of meditation and fixed hours brings about a rhythm in life that makes it possible for mind, body and all vehicles to free themselves of disease, and sin also.

Disease is sin, sin is disease, but the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is within, and all manner of miracles are possible.

       Thursday, Aug. 9, 11:15.