Discourse on Arsh

Murshid’s explanation of Arsh is that it is the Divine Spirit, an Aura which is called the Highest Heaven. Arsh in Sanskrit is identical with Rash in Hebrew and Arabic.

A study of the Semitic and Aryan languages show that the roots in one group reverse in the other. For instance, Am is Mother in the Semitic languages, Ma in the Aryan; Ab is Father in the Semitic, Ba or Pa in the Aryan; La or Leo, is lion in the Aryan languages, Aul, Iel, Iar is lion in the Semitic; Ra is the straight line, particularly the diameter or radius of a circle in the Aryan languages—Ar in the Semitic. So Arsh, the Highest Heaven corresponds with Rash in Hebrew.

Rash is commonly translated “head” but more correctly is a source, especially a source of thought or ideas, and also signifies a sphere or a first cause. In Hebrew Boresh Ithbara Elohim. In the first principal, out of the head, from the highest sphere, created Elohim.

This is translated into Greek En Tes Arches. The root of arches is Ar, which is also the root of the Sanskrit Arsh. Both mean “beginning, first principle, head, topmost, highest governing.” Therefore the translation of Resh, Rash, Rosh, into Arche is correct not only from the exoteric literal translation of the Bible, but from the esoteric.

This point will be elaborated on further later. It shows one of the many confirmations of the works of Fabre D’Olivet and the Murshid by one another, and the importance of Sound, Unmanifested, Manifesting and Manifested.