Paper I             March 14th, 1924

On the Name of God

The more one listens in Nature, the more one hears the birds and beasts, the wind and the trees utter the name of God. This is the secret of the Lost Word. God is lost. Even if there be such a Word and it were given to man, he would not recognize it.

Ja-Hu-Va means, “Oh Thou-He, who art Being, Thou Life, Thou the Source of Life.” So Moses translated this correctly into the popular parlance as “I am that I  am”(Asher Aya Asher).

The Greek term Zeus was Za-Hu-Os, which is the same as Ja-Hu-Va.

Za means life, corresponding to Vau-H in Hebrew. Hu is identical with Hu. Os is a termination, meaning He. The letters A H U O are contracted into Eu by a philological law, therefore Zeus is identical with JaHuVa which is the same as Jehovah.

Both Gerald Massey and Albert Pike have collect notes on this, but do not know the meaning, only the phenomena. So also the name of God in other languages and divine words.

Hu was the name of God among the ancient Britons.

Hue, color. Hu means white, Hu-ite.

As all Hues are from Hu, so all things are from God.

In English, God, G is the masculine, O the feminine, D the neuter. The Letter O, (ovule, ovum) is egg-shaped and corresponds to Beth in Hebrew.


Note 3/24: The name of God in all languages seems to consist of three letters or three parts.