Paper IV          6:30 3/18/25

Pesach Passover

More end more one can see that Israel typifies mankind in general in his search for God. Hunger (the appetites) led the children of Jacob into Egypt—Cham—the land of darkness. Of course they became slaves. They either would have to rise like Joseph or sink, and sink they did. But though they suffered in bondage, a leader was necessary to bring them to the Light. Mankind, blinded by ignorance, cannot by himself find that light, but God in His Mercy has sent Messengers upon this earth to show the way and Moses was such a Messenger.

Egypt, Red Sea, Desert, Promised Land—are they not all in us? The heart is both the seat of the emotions and of love. If we followed darkness, (Egyptians, Chamites) we shall be sunk in that sea, but if we follow God, we shall cross. So there was a cloud as a pillar between the camps of the Egyptians and Jews. And Moses stretched forth his staff…. The staff represents the power and authority of the Teacher, who can lead, the disciples on the right path, even across that sea. (Compare Egyptian Initiation.)

When the disciple crosses that sea, God is in his heart, even as the ark of the Covenant was in the midst of the Camp of the Israelites, and so long as it was there, Amalek was defeated (in which we see the action of Moses and his rod), the Moabites put to grief and the Promised Land conquered.

Note: I have now enough material to give a talk on the Spiritual significance of the Passover.