Paper V            3/18/25 Fin. 8:15

Bible Thoughts

Moses, Aaron, Miriam, were they human beings? Or divine principles? Or both? The prayer says: Let us know Thee as Moses …” Is Moses then analogous to Rama and Shiva, even to Jesus, a possible man, or the actual incarnation or anthropomorphizing of Him?

Moses, Miriam, Aaron, Joshua form the same idea as the four letters of the sacred name, the four arms of the gods:

Yod         Aaron              Vau                 Moses
He          Miriam            (2nd) He         Joshua

Aaron, the “rod,” represents God as Creator; he was the spiritual head of Israel; he represents the masculine idea and creator.

Miriam, the “Prophetess.” But that is what her name means. She is the keeper of the Divine Mysteries. She found Moses in the water, even in Egypt. Moses was probably not Miriam’s brother (he may have been her half-brother) except spiritually.

Moses, the water born. M-V-SH-E. Did he not go through the initiations?

By water                         In Egypt with Miriam

By fire                 In Midian (burning bush)

By earth              In the desert

By air                  On Mt. Sinai

By akasha           On Mt. Nebo

Moses did not enter the Promised land, but in a way Moses became the Promised Land, even as Abraham, for they say the Holy Israel it goes to the bosom of Abraham.

The more one studies, the more one sees the great hidden mystery in the Bible. Fabre D’Oliver gives a key, but says there is a better one. He gives the mental key, which unlocks the door to Intuition and the second or symbolical state of understanding. But the other key is in the heart and you must find it yourself, at the bottom of the Red Sea, even as “The Thief of Baghdad” found it at the bottom of the seven seas. (This has a wonderful mathematical analogy: If you go to negative infinity you reach positive infinity and conversely. If you go to the bottom of the seven seas (heart) you reach the highest heaven and vice versa, or as the psalmist says: “I ascend into Heaven and Thou were there.”)

Each event of the Pentateuch seems to represent the principles of the Tarot according to the word of the greater occultists. So we find the 6th card represents the battle between Amalek and Israel; the seventh represents in one aspect Joshua, in another victorious Israel. So possibly the whole early history.

After Miriam, Deborah is the next woman to play a part in the Bible. And Deborah means “The Word.” So these women, while they may have been historical characters, represent some other principal. So long as Israel listened to Deborah, it did not go into captivity. The whole symbolical idea can be carried further and further. Solomon of course represents the sun. Why not Rehoboam, the moon? After Solomon (the sun went down) died, the king of Egypt (darkness) entered Jerusalem and seized the golden throne and vessels of Solomon. Then Rehoboam made vessels of copper. Copper: gold: moonlight: sunlight. Then Rehoboam lost ten tribes. The moon rules in only two houses, even as did Rehoboam. And in a way this whole history of Israel is analogous to the 3rd centenary. Ezra himself plays the part of the 21st card, resurrection. He restores he temple, he collected the Tenach (Bible), he led the remnants of the children of Israel back to the Promised Land. Was there some great guiding Hand directing Ezra? Even today it is the scientists and not the clergy that respect Ezra, who was an historical personage to whom the world is vastly indebted.

A thought comes here: Can Israel be the light of the world? The part of Israel that has been expressing itself is but a small portion. Since the time of Spinoza, there have been many Jews who became famous men, but how many whose names will be written in the history of the world rather than in the history of men’s hearts? There are Sepharadim to be heard from in Saloniki and Algiers, in Morocco and Tunis; there are Jews scattered in India and Asia. What have they to tell: There are still Chasodim in Poland and Lithuania; there are still descendant of the Diaspora scattered among the Berber colonies of North Africa; there are even the Ethiopian branch, whence we know not. What is their message? Could we have a Jewish Congress? Could representatives of all these groups come together, even as our the Mohammedans and others doing? What results would come? Has Israel still a message? Is that Message from God?