Psychism and Mysticism

These two subjects are often confused, and rightly so, because in them persons seem to function and experience objectively what other persons do not experience, or if so, only subjectively. Psychologists, except those of the Roman Catholic Church, have either confused them, or repudiate them, but a few Catholics have accepted Mysticism while completely opposing Psychism. They also have discovered their fundamental differences despite seemingly vague similarities.

When we study cosmic and electronic energy, we become aware that there are certain rays which impinge upon the nervous system of animals, and have from that been recognized as what we call light. Early in the nineteenth century it was discovered that there were radiations and vibrations of the same order as those of Newton’s light-rays which did not directly and sensibly affect the optic nerves. These have been called infra-red, and ultra-violet rays.

At least one investigator, the Austrian Reichenbach, attempted to demonstrate an objective Psychism. He claimed that some Psychics, and also some inmates of mental institutions, were responsive to these apparently non-visual rays from the sun. He was disclaimed and has gained infamy as a charlatan. Today we have patented instruments which create or respond to sound waves which no human, and perhaps not even an animal, can respond to. We also have cameras and other instruments which make use of ultraviolet and infrared rays. But we can hardly investigate the reactions of “peculiar” people to these “peculiar” rays as Reichenbach suggested. Yet there is a school of Electronic Medicine which actually deals with Psychics objectively—often without knowing it and in France the most profound scientists today seem to be aware of the need for investigation in this field.

It may be suggested that certain types respond to infra-red, or longer surge waves. It may be suggested that certain types respond to ultra-violet or even finer waves. But it should be deduced that these would not be similar so much as opposite types. And similarly, those whose realm of consciousness seems to function more in the subjective, or subconscious, would not be similar to those who seem to function as if in some expanded state or stage of consciousness.

Catholic investigators point out the following:

The Mystic                                                      The Psychic

Functions in light                                             Functions in darkness

Alone best, but even in a crowd                     Only with very responsive and harmonious

                                                                            negative persons

Encourages, stimulates                                    Devitalizes

Very moral                                                      Amoral

Wider range of consciousness than normally  Narrower range of consciousness than normally

Ecstasy                                                               Trance

Tends towards the Universal                          Tends towards the personal

Interested in life                                              Interested in death

The Mystic                                                                  The Psychic

Retains and even obtains knowledge from within      Does not retain knowledge of communications

Guide, if any, a great Religious Light                         Non-historical “guides”

Intellect increased                                                       Intellect diminished

Memory increased                                                       Memory diminished

Love increased                                                              “Gray” as to love

Worships in church or in nature                                  Not worshipful or devout

Can be aware to surroundings                                     Often unaware of surroundings

Transcends humanity                                                  Below humanity

Visions in light                                                               Visions in shadow

Skin light                                                                     Skin heavy in color

Lives in eternity                                                          Bound to time

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Many great poets have been mystics. “Renascence” of Edna St. Vincent Millay is one of the most striking of contemporary poets although Masefield has also shown profound mystical influences. This has been true of the majority of English poets from Blake onward. Many of the world’s greatest poets have been mystics or mystically included, and recently we see the same influence coming into music and musicians. It is more evident in the lives of contemporary cosmic scientists, in their lives, in their philosophies, in their discoveries and in their outlooks.