Sound on the Metaphysical Plane

Modern science has discovered on certain plates that one sees clearly the impression of sound only it is not visible, and remains for a certain time on any object and then disappears. Those who have discovered the different impressions made by sound have found the clear forms of leaves and flowers and of other things of nature which is the proof of the belief the ancient people had and which in Vedanta is known by the name Nada Brahma—sound of the Creator. In the Bible it is sound or, first was the Word and the Word was God, and again first was the sound, than was the light. The source of creation is sound: viz., the creative source in its first manifestation was audible, in its next was visible. So all we see in the objective world, every form has been constructed by the sound, that is, the phenomenon of sound.

From the deeper and mystical side every syllable has a certain effect. As the form is different of every sound, so every syllable makes a certain effect. Therefore every sound or word spoken before an object has charged that object with a certain magnetism. This explains how the method of healers and teachers by the power of sound, charged an object with their healing power, with their power of thought, and when that object was given as water or as food, that object brought about a desired result.

Many Masters of Occult Science communicated with the unseen beings by the power of sound and have done greater things, for they created by the power of sound, beings. In other words they have given a body by the power of sound to a soul, to a spirit, making it into a certain being which is not yet a physical being, but it is a being of a higher kind and they called such beings Mawakkals, and they worked through these beings using them in every direction of life towards a certain purpose.

The physical effect of sound has a great influence upon the human body. The whole mechanism, muscles, blood, circulation, nerves, all are moved by the power of vibration. There can be a resonance for every sound, so the human body is a living resonator for the sound. All substances such a brass, copper, although one can produce a resonance in them, yet there is no greater and more living resonator of sound than the human body. The effect of sound is on each atom of the body, for each atom resounds. On all glands, circulation of blood, pulsation, the sound makes an effect.

In India certain drums are played at feasts, at mourning of heroes, and some hearing the drums are instantly come into ecstasy. They can cut themselves with a sword and are instantly healed. They can eat fire and are not burned. This condition is called Hal. Hal means condition and is an appropriate term, for in hearing the drum they think of that condition and become it, for the sound affects them so that they are moved to a higher ecstasy.

Snake charmers of the East, playing their simple instrument called pungi, attract serpents of the vicinity. Upon the physical body of the serpent they play. The sound has its effect. It feels different and by the effect it is attracted to sound, even to the sacrifice of its life, because it is caught by the snake-charmer then.

Therefore the wise have taken sound as the most important science for use in every condition of life; in healing, in teaching, in solving, in accomplishing all things in life, and on it the foundation of Zikr was made by the Sufis. Yogis made Mantra Shastra, but by Zikr I do not mean one particular phrase; by Zikr I mean a science of words. The best use of the science of sound is made in spiritual evolution, by the power of sound or word one con evolve spiritually and experience all different states of spiritual perfection.

Q:  Is not modern music most inharmonious and dangerous?

A:  It is so dangerous it is bringing about a commotion. In New York at the Waldorf-Astoria there was a military reception. The jazz band played from the early evening and after two or three hours all those there became mad. They were simply mad. Till the early hours of the morning there was fighting, quarreling and they were not human beings at all. Animals could not have been so excited and no doubt all were ill in the morning, all of them.

      Higher music is what is harmonious to the soul, and we do not call the music which does not touch the soul higher music. In the East fakirs perform a marvel jumping into the fire, eating fire, etc. And the secret of these phenomena is that by the power of words they try to tune their body to that pitch of vibration that no fire can cut or touch it, because the vibrations of their body are equal to fire. Therefore the fire has no effect.

Q:  In the spoken word is it the vibrations of air, as science teaches, or are there still more inner fine vibrations?

A:  There are finer vibrations. The vibrations of the air are nothing because every word has a breath behind it, and the breath has a spiritual vibration. The action of the breath acts physically, but at the same time breath itself is an electric current. The breath is not only the air, but an electric current. Therefore it is an inner vibration.

Q:  Is it possible for a gross person born with a gross nature to become fine?

A:  Other things apart, those who have done Zikr rightly in six weeks time become finer. So bring the grossest person, make him do Zikr, and in six weeks time his vibrations change.

Q:  In human life is it possible to hear the soundless sound?

A:  Yes. It is by the hearing of the soundless sound that the souls have reached the highest point and have discovered there is soundless sound.

Q:  What do you mean by the soundless sound?

A:  Sound is that which is heard by the ears, and soundless sound is audible without the help of the ears. It is the inner ears which give this realization.