Stages in the Growth of the Heart

Physical Plane. The heart is of stone. No impression thereon. ‘Tis the rough Ashlar. ‘Tis  cold, yea, icy cold. ‘Tis the earth.

Astral Plane. The heart is given to emotions. ‘Tis like the starry heavens, itself affixed on nothing. Its loves are like comets which blaze their ways across the skies, ne’er to return, blazing streaks of light. Yet betimes, the moon is in the heavens—yes the sun is in the heaven and there is hope. The heart is soft, it melts too easily, like the heated stars in their formation, their courses not yet affixed.

Mental Plane. The heart is like the moon. It gives forth light but it is cold. The eye seeth the light, but feeleth hot the rays which the moon pours forth. The moon seeth not the source of the light, but with steadfast gaze fixes its eyes on the earth, showing its superiority. Not  does it look at the stars, or comets. A lone trail thru the skies, oft deserted by all, it continues its way until

Intuitional Plane it reverses itself and shows the dark side to the earth, and faces the sun. The heart is turned inward and dreams of other lands than the earth. Inwardly the heart is filled with light and warmth. Inwardly the heart dreams of love, but of a love that the mind comprehendeth not. Let but the mind see this Love, and all other loves will be forgotten. The soul would now express itself. But here outwardly the heart is dark, and though it emits heat, its heat is not felt or ‘tis shunned by those who see darkness. So to the

Spiritual Plane when the moon and the sun are no longer two. When the stars are no longer many. When the light is One and the love is One and the light shinning within is reflected in good works, in spiritual living, in constant prayer, and the eyes are affixed on the divine….