The Light of Zarathustra

What would you wish to know of Zarathustra? What would you know of my mission? I was inspired by the fire of holy beauty and by the death of my own ego through both pain and joy. By Grace was I taught to seek the Wisdom of the Good Mind, and to follow Truth, and not the Lie, the way of illusion. I was sent to bring light against the darkness, and love against the lack of love. I followed the Truth which is the being of the Infinite, the light which kindles men’s souls, and followed even the breath beyond that light.

Why does Man not perceive the Truth? This was the question of my ministry. Man has forgotten himself. The soul of man is like water. Brought down through the power of manifestation into the lower vibrations of the earth, and taking these vibrations upon itself, it becomes neither water nor earth but both, as clay or mud. To become free again one must let one’s self loose from the bondage to the vibrations of the earth, and swept up into remembrance of God by the ever-flowing stream of Light. For man is nothing but the being of God, limited by vibration. God is not separate from any part of His creation. But man’s forgetfulness leads to great danger, for man has power, and responsibility. If both are forgotten, then man has lost himself.

What was the wisdom of the Magi? The Truth of God behind and within all names and forms. For though the light of our religion has been darkened by self, by illusion, the true followers of Ahura Mazda sang so often of Him that their hearts rang with His name like temple bells. We delved deep into His ever-present Glory, for nowhere else could our knowledge of the archangels be found, or the understanding of the hierarchy of the heavens. Seeking within ourselves we found the keys to higher states of being within the world. The names of the archangels were sung and the beings of light called upon, which became an impression of light upon the devotees. The angels and the archangels are the living embodiments of the Names and States of God, and they are under Man’s power of thought. By calling upon them my followers were made aware again of the truth of the unseen world, which they had forgotten or misunderstood.

What caused the Three Wise Men to seek out the infant Christ? This very awareness. Our calling upon the angels, and the meditations upon fire, wood, water and all living things led to this perception of the One God within and beyond all names and forms. And beyond this mere perception of God was our understanding of God’s will, and our attunement to Him. Those that followed my true teachings, and saw clearly, saw the same Light which I had shown them in the later religions. Thus were many “converted” to the realization of the light they already knew.

How did they come to be scorned as “magicians?” By the ignorant. Yes, through their attunement with nature and the Soul of Creation, my followers worked what were called miracles. But these were only the manifestation of their understanding of their duty to Ahura Mazda. Their duty to Him was the price of their joy, for to know God, one must be prepared to live by the law of His Light. Thus my followers shunned all darkness, living in honesty, joy, peacefulness and the light of wisdom. These are the limitations imposed on any follower of Truth in the world, for we gain our union with Wisdom by our battle against the Lie. In all these things does one show one’s love for Ahura, who does not love only words, but actions, and who loves faith, but not one’s profession of belief. He loves no offerings but those that are made in your loving search for Him.

My devotion of Ahura Mazda rings clearly in the Gathas because He tried me well, his purifying fires of pain, love, and longing awakening in me the undying, loving loyalty which has always been the heritage of me truest followers. And it is this gift I would give unto the seekers of this age. Darkness is not light, nor is light darkness. In the shadows that encompass man there is light and the pretender to light and there is darkness and the appearance of darkness. But your confusion cannot change their reality, nor can any striving of mind change Truth. Choose! See clearly and choose! Let your hearts be wounded by the light, and you will never again fear the pain of darkness.

Mankind’s essence is purity, his heart is light, and his breath is love. Blessed ones, remember your God. Remember your God, your true God, the One Lord of all the prophets. Let your hearts be won by His sweet smiles, let the glory of His heart touch your innermost beings. Let your minds be cleared and made like light, shining through crystal water. Let your dear Mother, the holy Spirit, fill you again with Her love and Her wisdom, for only if you are willing will she come to you.

Hear the voice of God! Let all of you that seek Zarathustra do so in right-mindfulness, neither despairing, nor in darkness. If the tears of despair, self-pity, or confusion blind your eyes, how can you see enough to find me? Or if your hearts are full of your own thoughts, where is there room for my teaching? Oh, friends of the Nabi, and lovers of God! Let your breath draw you towards Him, for though the Lie covers you, smothering your life, His Truth will awaken and revive you.

For what is righteousness? What is a righteous man? He that is attuned with God. No single code of morals, nor law, or any one action can make one righteous, and attuned with the Divine. For this attunement of the man of God is different than the righteousness of most men. The man of God has God ever near himself, and the reason for this attunement is his love for God. Those righteous by the love of God see clearly into every soul that comes near to them, and by this do they perceive the right action towards that soul. This is the only code of morals, really, for the God-attuned: to act with the love of God.

Righteousness is union with one’s highest ideals. Righteousness is the strength that sustained the prophets, saints and masters of all times. Righteousness is sweet to the soil, for the soul is righteousness itself.

But do not become deluded into thinking that the form of righteousness for your soul must be the same for others! It is not the right of anyone to force another into a way other than his true attunement with his God. No good religion is taught by disregarding the state and the stage of the seeker. Only in attunement is man given full revelation of the One, and each soul has its own niche, to which it must be attuned.

How can one attune oneself, then? It is difficult, for but a hair’s breadth separates attunement and delusion—until the light of God shines upon that division, and the soul sees it clearly. This is the true bridge of Judgment, the Bridge of Chinvad, and this division may be found on the current of the breath. The life within all breath is the life of God, and so are man and God united.

Attune to your maker through this breath. Breathe gently and meditate upon the One Who is the Cause and Creator of all things. Attune to Him through the action of the breath in voice, in song, in word, in silence. Attune to Him with your thoughts, in love. In love and in friendship, even as in the pure of heart the light of God is seen, and by this are all souls enlightened.

Purity, purity beyond all things, is the timeless vision of God. Though one may seem to be beyond the laws of man, one can never be beyond the laws of God. Love and exultation are the rewards of those that seek Him, those who breathe a breath refined by His holy fire. It is these that seek a light which their minds may not know, but their hearts delight in.

What is the Name of God? The Word written upon your own hearts. What is the Breath of God? The life of your living breath, and the source of the eternal fire of Light. Which thoughts are the thoughts of God? All thoughts that heal, that build, that love, that protect. What is seen in the heart of God? All the actions of Man, and all that is within your beings.

If you have even acted only once in the spirit of God, you have the power within you to overcome nations. If you hold the Lie far from you in everything, you have overcome the universe, for you have become the universe. Is it not clear to you that God’s Divine Love is the power in your own breath? If you choose the darkness, then you become as the darkness. But if you seek union with the light, then you are the light.