A Psalm of Prophecy

Shout it from the hill tops!
Proclaim it on the mountains!
Reecho it in the Valleys!
For a woman will rise, a woman will rise and go forth,
Forth from her native city to bear the Message of God to all lands.
A woman is to bear it that all may hear.
Reuse ye! Reuse ye and list!
Here cometh the daughter of Zion, the Israelites;
Out of the West doth she come,
For in these days will the sun rise in the West and all men seeing believe.
Look, she cometh from the West!
See! she bringeth the Light to the East!
For the glory of God is upon her and the Grace of the Lord in her heart.
In those days will the house of the Lord be established on the mountains,
In those days shall all nations flow unto it,
In those days shall people rise to walk in the pathways of the Lord.
Out of Zion cometh forth the Law,
The daughter of Judah bringeth in her hand the lamp of God.
Hear ye! hear ye! Ye that are scorners and backbiters!
Ye that hate and whose hands are turned against your brothers!
This is the day of good tidings,
The time when the Message wings its way through the world.
Come ye, come ye, walk in the Light of the Lord.
Here cometh the Light, Sophia is with us.
Make straight your paths, ye who walk in the ways of the crooked!
Make peace with one another ye controversialists!
Hearken, ye sceptics, and open your ears, ye doubters,
For the Lord is with us, with us ever.
The Word of the Lord goeth forth, goeth forth from the West.
Proclaim it in every land:
A woman beareth the Light of God
And she shall judge between all peoples.
Then will the East and the West become reconciled;
Then will man open his heart to man;
Then will dawn a new era, a new hope, a new day.
Glory be to God on high! Hosannah!
Blessed is she that cometh in the Name of the Lord!

The Word of God given to Samuel concerning His Murshid and her mission, at dusk,
Sunday evening, March 27th, 1927.