Then it was I or thou—now it is only He;
Then it was “this’ or “that’—now it is only “The;”
Then it was “all’ or “none’—now it is only One.
Then it was moon or stars—now the Eternal Sun.

Then it was evil or good—now it is only bliss;
Then it was pleasure or pain—now the Beloved’s Kiss;
Then salvation or sin—now the distinctions depart,
Found is the Lord within, found in the depths of the heart.

Then it was left or right—now single is the eye;
Then it was “Who’ or “What’—now single is the eye;
Then it was lost or found—now it is neither and yet
It is both, for here the sun of division has set.

Then alone in the many—now found in the solitude;
Then it was praise or blame—now only gratitude,
Then it was idols of dross—now the splendor of gold;
Then it was youth or age—now neither young or old.

Then it was separations—now the differences fade;
Then it was clear or foggy—now neither light nor shade;
Then you would tell your troubles—now no more speaks the voice,
Then in the outward we suffered—now in the inner rejoice.

Then it was song or silence—now a perpetual lay;
Then it was morn or evening—now an eternal day;
Then in buildings we worshipped—now everywhere we trod,
We worship, extol and praise Him—the One Only Being, God.

8:30 A.M. 8/5/28