Blessed Are They                 3/22/25

“Blessed is he who cometh in the Name of the Lord,”
Blessed are they who listeneth to His Word,
Blessed is He, the everlasting now,
Blessed are they, who before him humbly bow.
Blessed are they to whom His Light is given,
Blessed are the pure, they shall receive their reward in Heaven.
Blessed are they who are reverend, loving and meek,
Blessed are they who the One Alone ever seek.
Blessed are the peaceful, kind and good,
Blessed are they, when his Laws are understood.
Blessed are they who give and ask for nought,
Blessed are they, when His Guidance is ever sought.
Blessed are they whose compassion is for all mankind,
Blessed are they, in whose hearts His light they find.
Blessed are ye, for God loves you one and all,
Blessed ye be, rich, poor, or great or small.
Blessed are they—children of the Only Being,
Blessed are they who in all forms are seeing.
“Blessed is the Lord who is ever to be blessed,”
Seek Him alone for salvation, peace and rest.