Chant of the Chisti Khawwalis


Allah is love, Allah is bliss,
Allah gives you a Lover’s kiss,
Allah reigns blessings from above,
Allah is nothing else but Love.
There is no other one but He;
We give you strength in Allah’s cause,
Be faithful to His Holy Laws,
Be strong, be patient, walk His ways
And serve Him all your earthly days.

The heart is dancing to your Zikr of love,
The heart is dancing to your soul,
The soul is singing to Allah above,
In memory of its Eternal Goal.

The heart is dancing to the soul’s sweet song,
The soul is seeking its lost dwelling place,
It falls in ecstasy before the temple gong,
And swoons upon seeing Allah’s dazzling face.

Allah is love and Allah is light
Allah watches you day and night,
Follow Allah—all will go right:
La Ellaha Il Ellahu!

I left the plaudits of the mob
To seek the friendship of the Rab,
Of unknown name, of little fame,
But honored high in heaven.

I sought for friend, Fabre D’Olivet,
But did not know where friendship lay,
Then blessed by the love of God,
I won the friendship of the Rab.

Allah’s sword enfeebles human might,
A glance from Allah’s eyes brings bounteous light,
Let Allah be your guide, all will go right:
La Ellaha Il Ellahu.

Allah comes to help you on your way,
From the path of Allah do not stray,
When perplexed, then meditate and pray:
La Ellaha Il Ellahu.

Victory is seen on every hand,
Vanquished is the foe in foreign land,
Heaven comes to help you where you stand:
La Ellaha Il Ellahu.

Go mureeds and keep your hearts upright,
In your wars the Holy Ones will fight,
When peace comes, in heaven is great delight:
La Ellaha Il Ellahu.

July 11-17, 1930