The Blessed Inayat Khan, June 21, 1930

1.   We are not two, we are one.
And I will not say even one,
But we are one in God and so.
There is no I nor thou.

2.   I sing of my Beloved,
I sing of my Beloved,
Who is my Beloved? Yes, Who is my Beloved?
The All In All is my Beloved—
La Ellaha Ellahu!
La Ellaha Ellahu.

3.   O my beloved mureeds, come with me, come with me!
O my beloved mureeds, come with me to God!
Lay down your pains, your sorrows and your woes,
And come with me, come with me.
O, my beloved mureeds, come with me to God!


The Blessed Inayat Khan, July 3, 1930

Allah is my love,                                      
Allah is my praise,                                   
I’ll sing to Allah above                             
All my nights and days.                           

 Oh, come with me, mureeds,                 
And join with me in prayer,                    
Allah knows your needs,                         
For He is everywhere,                             

He is standing by your side,                    
He is hidden in your heart.
With Allah now abide,
In Allah each a part.

We join is festive song,
Allah we celebrate,
I’ll sing the whole night long,
For Allah I ever wait.

So come, my dear mureeds,
And join with me is prayer,
Allah knows your needs,
And He is everywhere.


Sura of the Blessed Prophet Mohammed (Peace be unto Him) July 4, 1930

“O my Rabia, my blessed Rabia,
How like unto Rabia, thou art, Rabia!
Even as Fatima thou art to me, my dear Rabia!
The sun at dawning shines upon thee,
The Holy Ones guide and protect thee,
Allah Alone has chosen thee,
Allah has chosen thee from all the world,
Allah has blessed thee among all mankind,
Allah has chosen thee from all womankind.
Oh Rabia! my blessed Rabia!
How like unto Rabia, thou art, Rabia!”


Song of Holy Murshid, July 6, 1930

I am with you, my beloved ones,
I am with you, my mureeds;
Do not stray from me, my loved ones,
Do not stray, my dear mureeds.
For great blessings come upon you,
You are blessed, my dear mureeds.
And the long, long night is over,
Now is day, my dear mureeds,
And I give each one my blessing,
For you all are dear mureeds,
And ever will I watch you all,
My very dear mureeds.


Chant of the Chisti Khawwalis, July 10, 1930

Allah is love, Allah is Bliss,
Allah gives you a Lover’s kiss,
Allah reigns blessings from above,
Allah is nothing else but Love.
Allah illumines the devotee,
There is no other One but He.
We give you strength in Allah’s Cause,
Be faithful to His Holy Laws;
Be strong, be patient, walk His Ways,
And serve Him all your earthly days.


Chant of the Celestial Chorus, July 12, 1930

1.   The heart is dancing to your Zikr of love,
The heart is dancing to your soul,
The soul is singing to Allah above,
In memory of its Eternal Goal.

The heart is dancing to the soul’s love song,
The soul is seeking its lost dwelling-place,
It falls in ecstasy before the temple gong,
And swoons upon seeing Allah’s dazzling face.

2.   Allah is Love and Allah is Light,
Allah watches you day and night,
Follow Allah—all will go right,
La Ellaha Ellahu!


Chant of the Chisti Khawwalis, July 17, 1930

Allah’s sword enfeebles human might,
A glance from Allah’s eyes brings bounteous light,
Let Allah be your Guide—all will go right,
            La Ellaha Allahu.

Allah comes to help you on your way,
From the Path of Allah do not stray,
When perplexed, just meditate and pray
            La Ellaha Allahu

Victory is seen on every hand,
Vanquished is the foe in foreign land,
Heaven comes to help you where you stand.
            La Ellaha Allahu.

Go, mureeds and keep your hearts upright,
In your wars the Holy Ones will fight,
When Peace comes, in Heaven is great delight,
            La Ellaha Allahu.


Sufi Chant (all the Khawwalis) July 22, 1930

Whom are we now singing of?
Only of God, Whose Glance is Love,
He sends you blessing from Above,
            Brother and sister mureeds.

We shall sing thru all the night,
Of his Glory and His Might,
In Him we take Supreme Delight,
            Brother and sister mureeds.

Your Holy Murshid comes to you,
All Holy Murshids have come here, too,
The Sufis dedicate anew,
            Brother and sister mureeds.

This the first time in the West,
This the first and yet the best,
We come at Allah’s kind request,
            Brother and sister mureeds.

Although now we sing our song,
We shall sing the whole night long,
Never was there such a throng,
            Brother and sister mureeds,

And now they come in great reunion,
The Holy Ones perform communion,
Inviting you to join their union,
            Brother and sister mureeds.


The Chant of the Blessed Rama (on Whom be Everlasting Peace).

I come with my law, I come, I come,
From the distant past, I come,
I come to you, beloved ones of God.
To give you blessings, I come, I come.
God Bless you Rabia.
I bring you Wisdom from the Past,
Remnants of my empire vast,
To bless you Rabia, I come, I come,
To bless you and your mureeds.


The chant of the Blessed Krishna (Peace be unto Him):

I also come from Hindustan,
I wish you joy in all you do,
May Allah bathe you all in Love,
With the waters of the Heavenly Ganges.
I play you music on my flute,
I sing my song while I tune my lute,
Beloved carriers of God’s Message.


The Chant of the Blessed Siva (Peace be unto Him),

And I, the Lord of all the Sages,
From Aryavarta’s earliest ages,
Come and bless you, Rabia,
To aid you on your way.


The Blessed Buddha speaks:

Is is not infinite, nor is It finite,
Not self, nor yet non-self,
It is not in Heaven nor on earth,
And yet is absent nowhere.
May that Peace and Bliss of the Bodhisattvas be yours,
May you serve your Rassoul as my worshippers have followed me.
Be ye lamps unto yourselves, and to all humanity,
And Work Out Your Salvation With Diligence.


The Blessed Abraham (Peace be unto Him):

Myself are thou, Rabia, and yet not I,
For who am I to say “I” when only God exists.
Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone,
All the Holy Ones find happiness in thee,
The Vice-Gerent on earth,
In thee the Scriptures find fulfillment, beloved one of God.


The Blessed Solomon (on Whom be Peace):

I dedicate for thee, Rabia, the buildings above,
            the chapel above, the temples above.
I thank my Lord for giving me this task,
            and united with you in praise and prayer.
God bless you all.


The blessed Spitaman Zarathustra chants:

A kindly deed, a loving word, a healing thought,
The whole world comes to join you in your task.
Ahura the beautiful bestows his beauty,
And we sing His praises for you as you work.
May the blessings of the Light of Lights be yours,
Beloved Ones of God.


The Blessed Moses (Peace be unto Him):

Silence commands my heart, Rabia,
I turn to Him in silent prayer and praise;
God bless you all.


The Blessed Lord Jesus:

O, my brothers, my beloved brothers and sisters,
Go on with your task;
The door has opened and you will carry the Message to every land.
I am with you and the Holy Ones are all with you in Spirit.
God bless you all, beloved ones of God.


The Blessed Mohammed speaks:

O Rabia, beloved Rabia,
How happy am I to be with you again!
I never depart in spirit, but on and on I must go,
And thank Allah when I may come to join in your must Holy Work.
God bless you, beloved one!


The Blessed Jelal-ud-din Rumi, August 2, 1930

O Rabia, out of my heart come songs of love,
Out of my soul come rays of Allah’s Light;
I lose my self and yet myself I gain,
And in your self I come to earth again.

O Rabia, how happy to visit earth once more,
O Rabia, you bring joy to the Holy Ones above.
I take my flute and play my sacred strain,
And in your self I come to earth again.

O Rabia, may Allah bless you all your life,
O Rabia, we shall ever watch over thee;
The Holy Ones will follow in your train,
And in your self I come to earth again.


The Blessed Hafiz (very humble after the other great Masters):

In poetry would I describe my inner feeling,
Which I have been for many months concealing,
Hiding in your garden at Kaaba Allah,
And after many years again myself revealing.

To Samuel I came, though not professing
To be myself (as now I am confessing),
But from Allah I brought the gift of poetry,
A gift from Allah Who Samuel was blessing.

And now, Rabia, I must reveal my story,
The day is night, when earth will see your glory!;
I come to Kaaba Allah and here I stay,
Until the trees you plant are aged and hoary.

I, in the Name of Allah, bless you all
Who willingly answer Heaven’s sacred call;
The Message of God is reaching far and wide,
And echoes above thru Heaven’s mighty Hall.

And in the Name of God I close this class.
Tomorrow starts another cycle. Alas.
For them that did not come to join you here,
Where all the Holy Ones have come—en masse.

I close this class, but do not say “Amen,”
For if I did, the class would end, and then
The Holy Ones would go; but for the Cause of God
We came, and here we shall remain.

Celestial chorus: Glory! Glory! Glory!
Praise Ye Allah Forevermore!