Praise be to Thee, Omnipotent,
Most Supreme God, Omnipresent,
All Pervading Essence, The Only One
Who exists, besides Thee there is none.
In Thy Parental Arms, O Father, take us,
From the denseness of this dark earth raise us.
Worship to Thy Beauty ever show we,
Surrender willingly do we give Thee.
O most merciful and compassionate God!
Of all humanity the idealized Lord!
To Thee alone we worship and give prayer,
Toward Thee alone ever we aspire.
Open our hearts that in them Thy Beauty shine,
Illuminate our souls with Light divine.
The Perfection of Love and Harmony art Thou,
Beauty in all its forms comes from Thee, too.
All powerful Creator, Sustainer, Judge and Friend,
Forgiveness for our shortcomings we pray Thee send.
Lord, Thou art God of the East and of the West,
Of worlds above and below the place we rest,
Of all the beings we behold with our eyes,
And of unseen ones on earth and in the skies.
Thy Love and Thy Light upon us pour,
Our bodies, hearts and souls restore
With sustenance, for each as best,
And for the purpose Thy Wisdom choose
Use us; guiding us ever on the way
To Thy Goodness, daily do we pray.
Ever draw us closer and closer to Thee,
Until reflected in heart and soul we see
Thy Grace and Glory in us ever shine,
And Wisdom, Joy and Peace of source divine.