Teacher and Disciple                       May 9th, 1925 5:30 P.M.


What is the source of happiness? What but God?
What other road from misery can man tread?
Where starts the journey? Wherein lies the way?
What the equipment? What the price to pay?

The road lies here, and ever here within,
There is no other path from death or sin.
From God we came, to Him we all return,
Learn this one Lesson, nought else is there to learn.

When shall I start? Is there ought for me to fear?
Is it hard, is it easy? this road within me here?
Must I fight with hideous monsters as I have oft been told?
Or dragons, jinns and devils? Or Satan fierce and bold?

Only thy Self can cause Fear when thou seekest the Lord,
Not only the path and goal is He but also the Reward;
All these enemies thou shalt in thee find,
So conquer lust and evil, restrain the thoughts of mind.

Have others gone before me? That I would find out.
Fear might be overcome, but still remaineth doubt.
When shall I get an answer? When dispel despair?
Is the God that is within also everywhere?

Prayer and love shall be thy aids,
The light within thee never fades,
Spend thy time in meditation;
Peace is the reward of long contemplation.

Wilt thou be my teacher and my guide?
Wilt thou follow me along the roadside?
Wilt thou ever be by my right hand?
Can I without thee, learn to stand?

God is the only Teacher and Guide,
God is within thee, yet by thy side,
God is ever at thy right hand,
Yet without God thou canst not stand.

I thank thee, master, for thine aid.
My gratitude to thee can never be repaid.
But I shall strive, remembering thee,
To seek for God, humbly and reverently.

Go, and peace be with you, my Mureed,
Seek ye ever God in word and deed
For He is with you wherever thou art,
Only look and listen to the voice of thy heart.