The Grotto Sanctuary


The trees in fervid prayer point heavenward,
Cascadian waters chant their sacred hymn,
And Rocky Butte, the Savior’s firm foundation
For cathedral, cloisters, chapels and Saint’s niches,
(Examples of a Faith immovable)
Becomes the goal of earthly pilgrimages.
Symbolic of the Eternal Quest for God.
“Upon this rock I build my Church Triumphant,
Drink of these waters, be evermore refreshed.”
Here is Salvation, nourishment for souls;
A place most holy, sanctified, divine,
And sacred to our Lady Sorrowful,
Who suffered most of any woman born.
Here all the world may come in true devotion,
In love rejoicing, or sorrowing in trial,
And through the meditation of His Mother,
Their pleadings will be answered by the Lord.
Come, let us kneel in silent meditation,
Enjoy the peace and beauty of this place,
And breathe our praises to the Holy Mother.


(Given at dusk, May 20, 1928 at the Grotto Sanctuary
of the Servite Fathers, Rocky Butte, near Portland, Ore.)