The Heart is Dancing


The heart is dancing to your Zikr of love,
            The heart is dancing to your soul,
The soul is singing to Allah above,
            In memory of its Eternal Goal,

The heart is dancing to the soul’s sweet song,
The soul is seeking its lost dwelling place,
It falls in ecstasy before the temple gong,
And swoons upon seeing Allah’s dazzling face.

            Allah is love and Allah is light.
            Allah watches you day and night;
            Follow Allah—all will go right:
                        La Ellaha Ellahu!

I left the plaudits of the mob
To seek the friendship of the Rab,
Of unknown name, of little fame,
But honored high in heaven.

I sought for friend, Fabre D’Olivet,
But did not know where friendship lay,
Then blessed by the Love of God,
I won the friendship of the Rab.

July 13, 1930