Hither Ye Sadhu!

O Sadhu! you are naked before God,
But why is God kept naked in you?
Why not feed your beloved and clothe Him
Over your skin or on the flesh of others?

O Sadhu! you are naked before God;
O Sadhu! you reveal your shame,
The more you call yourself “nameless,”
The more you acquire a name,

O Sadhu! let God clothe Himself in you;
O Sadhu! let God feed Himself in you;
O Sadhu! let God adore Himself in you,
And rid you of your cursed humility.
Praised be He! an end to your shameless shadow.

I sing the religion of God
Which is all concerned with Allah and Him alone;
Religions extolled the founders of their faith;
Religions ignore the great truths of their faith:
Pray five times daily and in between tell lies;
Go to church on Sunday and gossip about your neighbors;
Visit the holy temple and ignore the sufferings of mankind.
Irreligion beholds the magnitude of All
Irreligion is not content with faith, it demands love,
Give me irreligion and love, give me love and irreligion,
Give me love.

O Sadhu! you asked a question,
It split the roof-top of the empyrean,
And echo-lighteninged in a thousand flashes,
Whose flower rays expand at every instant.

Sing Vedantists who completed the work of the rishis,
But forgot their songs;
Sing Paravedantists who perfected the work of the munis,
But forgot their silence;
Sing Parahamnas, self-proclaimed in endless array,
But forget forgetfulness;
Sing ye advocated of Purna Yoga
Who formulate all things
But Omit the very essence of Truth Itself.
Sing, ye beloved fools; sing ye double-damned saints,
Sing ye wonderful leaders who lead mankind astray.
The stars impregnate the deep dark womb of heaven,
Bringing forth the light of the Universal Day.

The Lingam-Yod entered into the labyrinth of Aum
And Yaum become forever and ever and ever.

Relax, beloved, and close your eyes in the sun,
Close your eyes to the sun and see the play of lights,
Close your eyes to the sun and see the manifest colors;
Heaven is in those colors, heaven is not in the skies.
Heaven is not in the far away, but is in the light of the eyes.
The aviators fly into darkness when they go far away from earth.
The devotees fly into brilliance when they see the soul within.

O that terrible liar, Christ,
Who taught that the eye was the light of the body.
Every religionist knows that this is not so.
Every devotee knows that it must be different:
The eye the light of the body, what folly!
The eye the light of the essence, what presumption.
Why not join in worshipping yourself, O Christ,
And leave these phantoms to the fools.

“Give us this day our daily bread,”
And when the sun had set, not a crumb in the house of Mohammed;
And when the sun had set, not a sou in the house of Omar.
Come, ye Muslims and join with King Ibn Lusterer,
Come, ye Muslims, unite with Imam Murderer,
Come, ye Muslims, follow Sultan Exploiter of the masses,
Come, ye Muslims; unite—in this is your sustenance.
And come with me, Ye Momin,
Pray as Christ prayed and do as Rassoul-lillah and Omar did.

What is it that the eye sees not
But using the eye sees the world?
When the sun has set and the moon has not arisen,
And there are no stars shining in the skies,
What is the source of brilliance that manifests in the eyes.
Heaven is so close, beloved, heaven is so near,
Beyond the opaque darkness, the universe is clear.
Ah, did not Krishna proclaim the truth,
And many temples erected in his name;
Did not Buddha proclaim the truth
And many viharas erected in his name;
Did not Jesus proclaim the truth;
And many churches erected in his name;
Did not Mohammed proclaim the truth;
And many masjids erected in his name.

The eye is the light of the body, ye are the light of the world,
Said, Christ, the brilliant liar,
The proclaimer of a multitude of falsehoods
Which mankind, forsaking, fell into inner and outer darkness both.
Where is the God Who is Compassion and Mercy?
Where are the teachings offered sempiternally?

I once looked into the heavens of the eyes,
And a million-million angels stood before me—
The third eye, the projection of the mind, is not,
But the single eye, proclaimed by liar Christ, ah!
And the angels sang their blessings,
And the angels manifested their glory,
And I, the fool, accepted the liar Christ.
When the eye is single, the whole body is full of light,
When the body is full of light the eye is single—

When the sun is gone and the moon and the stars,
It shine by nightless night and dayless day.

With two I see a multitude,
With one a multitude sees me,
They the many, many leaves,
I the single trunk of the tree.

Two eyes approaching the mirror,
There is dust and gross and decay,
When the single eye starts functioning,
The mirror flies away.

Ah, single eyes, come and enjoy the heavens,
Oh, followers of Liar Christ, come and see creations,
The celestial cities and paradises,
And the multitudes of edens piled upon edens,
Each according to the wishes of the hopeful,
Each according to the best plans of the prayerful.

He revealed the sacred scriptures,
So the devil created Jnana-vada;
He revealed the sacred scriptures,
So the devil created Hatha-vada;
He revealed the sacred scriptures,
So the devil created a host of vadas;
He revealed the sacred scriptures,
So the devil called the vadas “yogas.”

The light of the body is the eye according to Liar Jesus;
The kingdom of the heavens are within you, according to Liar Jesus;
The universe is found within your flesh, so say the sacred scriptures,
Why not get rid of all these lies, and turn to “religion” for comfort?

What does the Jnana-yogin say of the single-eyed?
How does the formula for truth deliver the soul from suffering?
What is the function of the heart within our bodies?
What are the functions of the bodies within our heart?
If the universe was made from love,
Was it not also made for love?
So man must quit his wife and wife must quit her man,
and to find deliverance man must forsake everything—
And the ego and the evil proceed in triumph,
And the crucifix remains a symbol and not a truth.

Rid me, Lord, of cookbooks and give me the bread of heaven—
The manna of Moses for the body, before the Promised Land,
The manna of Manas for the mind, within the Promised Land,
The precious blood of Jesus, beyond the Promised Land.