Parinirvana Day                 2/15/1930
(Dedicated to the Reverend Gido Ishida).

Thus have I heard:
In Deer Park they celebrated Parinirvana Day.
Hosts of Bodhisattvas gathered from afar,
Kotis of Bodhisattvas from the Pure Land of the West,
Bodhisattvas of the dim and distant past,
Bodhisattvas known and unknown to men today—
And in their midst the Tathagatha
Unmoved, serene, compassionate.

Thus have I witnessed:
In Deer Park we celebrated Parinirvana Day;
With the multitude of Bodhisattvas came Catholic priests,
Around the Catholic priests were Jewish rabbis,
Sufi Dervishes, Hindu gurus,
Teachers and preachers from every race,
Holy men, sages, sramanas and prophets,
The cosmic parliament of religious leaders,
Countless as the sands, yet all enlightened.
And in their midst the Tathagata,
Unmoved, serene, compassionate.

Thus have I beholden:
In Deer Park I celebrated Parinirvana Day;
Radiant in Light, and light upon light,
And light upon light upon light upon light;
With that diamond, glorious to behold,
That diamond most brilliant, shining in his forehead,
Magnificent, incomprehensible, the sun of suns.
Unmoved, serene, compassionate,
In their midst sat the Tathagata.

Thus have I heard,
Thus have I witnessed,
Thus have I beholden.
Salutation to the Perfect One, The Wholly Enlightened One,
The Most Supreme Buddha!