Sheep are grazing in sky’s pastures;
They flee from a troupe of ravenous wolves,
And are rescued
When the shepherd of the heavens
Surrounds them with the cloak of invisibility.

Cinematogravures screened upon earth’s ceiling,
Frothy jinn who display bravado when it’s calm,
But flee like slinking cowards before the storm.

Hearts melted at the sight of parched earth,
In the Fall—
Tears of sorrow.
Hearts delighted at the Primer’s smile,
In the Spring—
Tears of joy.

Soldiers are marching,
Passing in review.
Off to war,
In the battle of the elements
They fall without a murmur,
Spirits of self-sacrifice.

Thunder Clouds
Mountains of vanity,
Bosoms puffed with self-conceit,
Howling with rage when they are discovered
And the bubble is burst.