Heart and Mind                    3/30/50


Minds express in words,
Hearts indicate by surds,
But in the heart you’ll find
What is not in mind.

Mind is always tolling,
Mind wants everything,
Hearts are all compelling
And love to sing.

Minds are full of questions,
Minds make many claims,
Hearts make no suggestions,
Nor limit things by names.

Mind is an enigma,
Mind delights in speech,
Heart knows no bad stigma,
Finds nothing out of reach.

Mind has its own notions,
Yet it is often caught
In the web of its emotions,
Self-inflicted, self-brought.

Heart is always willing,
Answers with a “yes”
Finds it own fulfilling
In love’s calm caress.

Mind needs an introduction
And depends on memory,
Heart draws heart by suction
And revels in ecstasy.

Mind will store up knowledge,
And logic is its tool,
Heart is love’s own college,
Heart is mercy’s school.

Mind must fit occasion,
Or etiquette’s requirements.
Heart avoids evasion,
And prefers retirement.

Mind seeks intellection
And shuns stupidity,
While heart’s free direction
Is from cupidity.

Mind says love needs defining
Though love is beyond its call
Heart says love needs refining,
Though love is it’s all in all.

Mind has a strong ambition,
Mind strains every nerve
Heart has calm intuition,
And graciously will serve.

Mind longs for serenity,
Mind may seek romance.
Heart leaps to infinity
In its endless dance.