Rise! Oh Man!


Rise! oh man! Come out of the shadows
And bask in the sunshine that springs from thy heart!
Dismal, and dark was the night long and dreary,
Lo, day is here! it will blessings impart.

Come, oh man, and bathe in the fountain,
The well of pure truth that lies deep in thy heart!
Refreshed from thy labors then go on thy journey.
The Message of God to this world then impart.

Look! oh look down into that mirror.
The crystalline cover o’erlaying thy heart,
Cleanse and polish and brighten its surface.
That light may shine through and darkness depart.

Live ! oh man, oh live in that Ocean!
The Ocean of Life whose gate is the heart.
God is the ocean and ye are all the fished
In the one Great Fish, who is found in thy heart.

Rest! oh rest from the labors of Silence!
Only list to the voice that comes from the heart.
So wilt thou come to the day of thy merging.
Become the Great Whole, no longer a part.

Alpha, Omega, beginning and ending,
The key to them all is found in thy heart,
From God thou comets, to Him thou returnest.
Yet ever in Him, thou dwellest and art.