Hymn “There Is No Deity But He.”


There is no deity but He
There is no deity but He
He is the Only One
He is the One Alone
O praise Him all both night and day
And in my hearts continually pray
La Ellaha allahu.

Nought there is but only He
Earth and Heaven and sky and sea
And star and moon and sun
Reflect the only One.
Salvation is to be within Him,
Absence is the only sin;
La Ellaha allahu.

Perfection of love and Harmony,
Perfection of beauty, all are He
O come and sing his praise,
Our voices to Him raise,
Our hearts and thoughts alike shall rest
Upon Thee, Being of Beings Blessed
La Ellaha allahu.

Our one ideal shall ever be,
To keep our souls attuned to Thee,
For Thou art God alone,
Besides Thee there is none,
May we see Thee in all creation,
And keep our hearts in meditation,
La Ellaha allahu.

Whate’er our church, whate’er our creed,
Whate’er our work, whate’er our deed,
May we learn to see,
That there is none but He,
Christ and Buddha, Shiva and Jove,
All reflect the Perfection of Love.
La Ellaha allahu.

At night ere we go to rest,
In Thee shall we put our trust,
In Thee, the Only One
Besides Whom there is none
Thou art our Shepherd, Thou our guide,
O Lord, ever with us abide.
La Ellaha allahu.