Three Are the Stages of Religion


Three are the stages of religion
The believer, the lover, the knower.
In all religions there are many believers
Believers who believe in their beliefs
Who castigate the beliefs of others
Assigning them to Hell.

Say Allah the Master of the Day of Judgment
The honest disbeliever is not abused before the dishonest believer
The liar, the cheater, the whore monger,
The usurer, the usurpers, the tyrant
On the Day of Judgment shall the proud be abused
On the Day of Judgment the clergy that defend them shall be abused.

Who is the cleric that can lead the cruel despot to heaven?
They that are rich among the poor of this world
Shall be poor among the rich of the next.

The believers all acclaim reciprocity, karma, right action
But believers disdain the Establishment of right action
Suitable belief in the eyes of man is not right action in the eyes of Allah.

All religions here fail.
None deliver from the doom.
Belief at the lowest must include proper thought, proper words, proper acts
Belief at the lowest involves complete surrender to the Deity.

The ignorant who surrender are assured of salvation
The learned who acclaim must face the Day of Judgment.